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Family owned and operated. Established 2017

Donut Making Process

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The CRAFT Difference

Here at CRAFT, we take our donuts very seriously. That means that we take care in every step, from recipe ideation to testing and preparation. We don't have an assembly line of donuts, so there is care and thought put into each one. While most donut shops utilize premade mixes (that just need liquid added) for at least some of their doughs, all of ours are made from scratch! We don't add unnecessary preservatives, fillers or stabilizers, or have premade frozen products trucked in to serve to you. Our donut-making process is a multi-day endeavor to ensure your family gets the high-quality hand-crafted donuts that they deserve.

Day Before Serving

The day before we sell you a donut, we start the process just like you would at home. First, we measure out all of our ingredients and mix the different types of dough in small batches. We also make all of the frostings from scratch and prepare any toppings that might be needed. Then we let the all of the dough rest overnight, allowing the yeast mixture to cold proof and ferment. The yeast eats the sugars and starches in the dough and creates tiny gas bubbles that give our donuts their texture. The cold temperature is important here as it prevents the fermentation from happening too rapidly, and gives the dough's flavor more time to develop.

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The Morning Of

Around 2:30AM every day, we begin preparing the donuts for that morning. We roll out each batch of dough, cutting the donuts and holes by hand. We then warm proof the yeast dough before we being frying. This is the same process as mentioned above but in a warm, humid environment so that the proofing process happens more quickly. After frying, we cool down the hot fresh donuts and add their toppings. Then the process starts again with mixing  dough for the next day!

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Ingredients Matter

We strongly believe that you can't just fry anything and have it magically become a great tasting donut. Lots of trial and error proved that! While donuts may not be the healthiest choice in the world, our high-quality ingredients may make it a little more guilt-free! In our regular doughs, we use organic brown eggs, pastured non-homogenized local milk, high-quality European butter, and no preservatives or artificial dough stabilizers.  We hope you taste the difference!

The Stats Per Month

  • 17,500 donuts made
  • 20 different donut flavors each day + cinnamon rolls
  • 1000 lbs of sugar used
  • 5200 eggs cracked
  • 3000 lbs of flour used
  • 72 gallons of pasture-raised non-homogenized whole milk poured
  • 480 lbs of european butter mixed in
  • 120 lbs of semisweet chocolate melted
  • 550+ hours of production time by our chefs
The final steps before our donuts are ready for you!

The final steps before our donuts are ready for you!

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